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If time goes back to an year ago, it will be very difficult to convince me that a steel bike performs as well as the new technology. Stiff, direct, and ambitious. I was used to considering a steel bike in a naive way - heavy frames, steel forks, threaded stems...etc, yet I'm not totally correct. The bloody truth showed us how new tech and tubes meet      a great master. That means it will bring the world a masterpiece.

I borrowed one Dario Pegoretti’s Big Leg Emma last Saturday, and I have to thank Mr. Casati, who lent me a bike in a pre-typhoon day. Pegoretti BLE is the stronger version of Marcelo, which cut and added some small coppers into the downtube and thickened the chainstay. The “Leg” things in the name reminds you how strong the chainstay and downtube are, and also how interesting the frame herself is. Everything goes very well except the weight and the price. A 56CM size bike weigh 4.1lbs(1860g), which might be twice as heavy as a Scott carbon frame. Moreover, the other obvious downside is its price. $4500 for a frame with the regular painting. It is VERY VERY expensive.

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