21 MAY 2010

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Former Tour winner Floyd Landis confessed to doping on May 20. However, a bigger conspiracy has been discovered. It is said that the official sponsor, Amgen, of the Tour of California has seriously involved with this event. A very reliable source revealed that Amgen might have paid Landis more than $1million in order to make an explosion during the biggest cycling event in US.

“ It would be the most successful exposure.” An professional cycling observer told ESPN. “What else could it be?”

So far the accusation of Landis has spread to mostly all the top riders riding in California, but no riders currently riding for the Giro in Italy has been accused. Notwithstanding the International Cycling Union (UCI) has rejected all the accusations made by Landis, UCI President Pat McQuaid highly doubted Landis’ confession at this point in time.

Further information indicated that the 7-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is paid by Amgen, too. The cancer fighter has been cooperating with Amgen for years, and might be the best candidate of the advertising person for the company.

RadioShack manager Johan Bruyneel said that this allegations did not distract Armstrong while riding. “ It’s totally not true. We’ll never endure this kind of things happening to
Lance.” said Bruyneel. “ Just like the old days in le Tours, Lance and I never help other people - riders, race directors, and of course - the sponsors. We care the jersey only.”

"That's what someone with L'Equipe told me," Andrew Messick, president of AEG Sports, which owns the Tour of California, said. "He said, 'You're big enough now that they break news at your Tour.' I said, 'Well that's a silver lining.'"

The strategy seems to work well so far, and AEG is looking forward to the next ongoing stages. “ We hope we can catch those guys who are still watching the Giro.” sais Messick.

On the other shore of Atlantic, the Giro is seriously suffered from the big shifts in the GC rank list. The strike started by the race director Angelo Zomegnan himself worked really well during the stage in L’Aquilla. According to the survey by Rai.Sport, the viewing rate of the Giro soared high after the chaotic situation on Wednesday.

“We have our own Italian way to save Giro.” Said Zomegnan.
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